Campervan Life

Whilst we’ve made our campervans as ‘homely’ as possible, there are a few practicalities we’ve jotted down so you don’t miss anything when you’re packing and can make the most of your campervan holiday.

Driving the campervans

A campervan hire adventure is all about taking a break from the hustle and bustle of modern day life, letting out a sign and taking your time. It will take the first 30 minutes or so to get used to driving Stan or Ollie, treating them with the care they deserve whilst you slip into the slower pace of life, you deserve.

You will need to adjust your driving style. Although our campervans are new, they are not the same as a modern vehicle. The first thing you’ll notice is a big steering wheel and a great big gear lever. Both, whilst very easy to use, need a bit of getting used to, it’s more like guiding the campervan than precision driving, they’ll help you along the way, but you need to ease yourself in. To make things easier, we’ve fitted power steering, rear camera and rear parking sensors, so all you have to concentrate on is telling the fellas where to go :0) Don’t worry, once you’re in the cab and resting on their big wheel you’ll be loving every minute of it and wondering how you can have one of these lovelies for yourself.

We give you a chance to get accustomed to your camper, which is why we ask you to expect about an hour to go through the booking procedure, general driving and camping do’s and don’ts, solely to allow you to feel confidant and make the most of your holiday. There are details in the hire pack you receive when you arrive too, so you can refresh your memory at any time.


The facilities in your van run on electric and camping gaz, with a second leisure battery fitted in the rear of the van. Press the button on the battery life indicator to see how much power you have, but just remember to be conservative. You can leave the fridge on to keep things cool, but try to switch the likes of the TV/DVD off (red switch above the sink), lights, etc. and not use things when the van is not running. Using the electric hook up cables mean you can run everything to your hearts content (but just be kind to the environment). You have the usual cigarette lighter to charge phones, ipods, etc. when not at electric hook up, and can use the 240volt sockets for your hairdryers, hair straighteners, etc. when plugged into a campsite. It’s all about being sensible so the power is there when you need it. Remember you will also be able to use the sockets in the shower facilities at your chosen campsite too.

Camping Gaz

We provide two camping gaz bottles for the hob and grill. If you have to replace one of the bottles, just provide us with a VAT receipt and we will refund you the money. Please note you must replace the gas bottle with the exact same make and size, failure to do so results in a fine as stated in our T & C’s - sorry. The Camping Gaz bottles are only to be used for the van and NOT for any other purpose, such as the Paella burner.

Cold nights?

Remember you want to be toasty warm :0) Nothing worse than spoiling a holiday because you are cold. If you are hiring during the colder months of the year, please remember the nights can be quite chilly. When packing, remember to include extra clothes for sleeping and more blankets than you would use at home.

There are two heaters in the van, one runs from the engine, and the other is an electric heater in the cab – although we ask this not to be run overnight. (We offer an additional electric heater as an extra, along with an electric blanket). You’re obviously welcome to pack your own hot water bottles or electric blanket.

The Drive-away Awning

The drive-away awning is a great addition to add both living and storage space to your holiday. We can provide a freestanding awning for use with the van, along with a 2 adult inner-sleeping compartment and even a carpet - with one of the awnings. Please just remember it does take up quite a lot of luggage space, so think carefully before you include it in your luggage. If you are on a short break or planning to explore different areas, you may not want to be putting the awning up and down every time you move along.

Please watch this video to see how to put the Country Road awning up. (sorry no video for our other awning)


What you need to pack/buy on the way

As you can see from our huge list of standard items and added extra’s, we have provided everything you could possible need for a fabulous stress-free holiday. So all you need to think about bringing are:

  • Clothes
  • Towels (Can be supplied as an extra)
  • Bedding (Can be supplied as an extra)
  • Toiletries
  • Kitchen roll
  • Rubbish bags
  • Cling film/Kitchen foil
  • Kitchen spray
  • Bottled water
  • Wet wipes
  • Hot water bottle/Electric blanket (for cold winter nights),
  • Citronella candles (outside use only!)/plug-in mosquito repellent (mains hook up)
  • Toys, Books, DVD’s, CD’s and deck of cards
  • Food/Wine :0);

Planning your route and the first/last evening

We provide an ever-growing list of recommended campsites so you can plan your adventure and always ask for feedback from our customers so we can pass that first hand knowledge onto you. Whilst you have the freedom a VW campervan ‘home is where you park it’ feeling to your holiday, it’s important to have an itinerary of places you want to stay and visit. It’s also worth noting some of the more popular campsites can get booked up at peak times, so if you don’t want to miss out… Remember you have access to the member facilities and discounts with our Caravanning and Camping Membership.

With this in mind, we provide a list of places to camp nearby in order to avoid a last minute dash back to our premises: Which isn’t good for the vans and not a great end to your holiday. A base close by will ensure a leisurely breakfast and a relaxing final leg of your journey. Remember our campervan is due back by 10am on the last day of your hire to give us the time to go through the handover and clean and service the campervan ready for our next customers.

Equally, these sites can also be used as a base for your first night, so you can be settled and cooking your first meal before the sun goes down rather than struggling to find your pitch and putting up your awning in the dark!


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